Brief History of The Company

PT KB Finansia Multi Finance (the "Company") is a finance company that was established on June 9, 1994, and has a business license from the Minister of Finance based on Letter No.460/KMK.017/1994 dated September 14, 1994. In marketing its products and services to the public, the Company uses the “Kreditplus” brand

Starting its business activities, the Company introduced to the public its motor vehicle and heavy equipment financing products. Then after going through the 2018 economic crisis that hit Indonesia, the Company continued to develop its financing products. As a result of this development, the products financed increased into motor vehicles (Motorcycles and Cars), Electronics, and Home Ownership Loans (KPR).

Throughout its business activities, The Company continues to make improvements to its financing products and services, where the main focus of financing products are; i) multipurpose financing for electronic and furniture products, ii) working capital with motor vehicles (cars) as collateral, iii) fund and business capital facilities, and iv) factoring for corporate consumers.

With the development carried out by the Company, the public can maximize the benefits of the Company's financing products, including; fulfillment of the need for ownership of motor vehicles for transportation, electronics, and household needs, up to financing business capital for business activities, and financing investments, such as; business capital goods, rehabilitation, renovation and relocation of business premises.

The Company also has business capital financing facilities and fund facilities that allow the public to fulfill their needs of goods/ services related to productive businesses and fulfill their consumptive needs.

The Company also develops its products so that they can be used by corporate consumers, namely through invoice financing to facilitate business continuity and accelerate corporate business growth.

Moreover, the Company expanded its branch office network, by placing branch offices in more than 200 regional points in Indonesia and expanding cooperation with more than 9,000 ATM networks of various banks (BRI, BNI, BCA, and Permata), Post Offices, Indomaret, and Alfamart outlets to provide ease of payment for consumers.

As a company that utilizes the role of technology in its business activities, the Company develops a financing application with an online platform known as “Kreditplus Mobile”, through integration with e-commerce channels in Indonesia, it is now possible for the public to apply for financing for their consumptive needs without having to leave their house. On July 3, 2020, the Compa

South Korea, KB Financial Group. This resulted in the change of the Company’s name to PT KB Finansia Multi Finance.

With all the advantages of infrastructure, products, and services owned by the Company, along with the full support from the KB Kookmin Card, the Company is determined to be the best financing Company in Indonesia that provides various financing products and services to meet the living needs of the Indonesian people, as well as support the improvement of the Indonesian economy.